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By bike


We encountered Lindsay on the Carretera Austral (Chile). Many travels by bike already

In English

Tandem de miel

We encountered Benjamin and Alejandra on the Carretera Austral (Chile). A honeymoon in tandem in South America

In French

A South American Adventure

We encountered Tyson on the Carretera Austral (Chile). From Ushuaia to Santiago by bike

In English

Elodie et Sylvain, le tandem

We encountered Elodie and Sylvain on Chiloe Island (Chile). Argentina and Chile by tandem.

In French

Krill bikes through Chile!

We encountered Ashlie on Chiloe Island (Chile). From Santiago to Coyhaique by bike.

In English

Kiwis on Giant Tiki Tour

We encountered Julie and Thomas on Chiloe Island (Chile). All around the world where the wind will blow them.

In English

The Spoken Road

Seth and Kirsten welcomed us in Santiago de Chile (Chile) and hosted us for one week. They travelled already a lot by bike...

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Riding the Spine

We encountered Goat, Jacob and Sean en Mendoza (Argentina). From Alaska to Ushuaia in 3 years of off-roads.

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We encountered Caroline and Stéphane in Cafayate (Argentina). After backpacking in Africa, they riding bicycles in South America!

In French

En Route Avec Aile

We encountered Olivier in Colchani (Bolivie). He left France in June 2008 for a tour all around the world in 3 years, by bike and by parachute.

In French

Nadou 3G

We encountered Nadège in Colchani (Bolivie). She left Santiago de Chile (Chile) and is going to Ecuador.

In French

BA-LIMA à vélo

We encountered Kévin in Patacamaya (Bolivia). He left Buenos Aires (Argentina) to go to Lima (Peru).

In French


We encountered Marion and Andi just after Copacabana (Bolivia). They started in Ushuaia and are going North to Alaska.

In German



We encountered Jean in Ayacucho (Peru). He left Quito (Peru) and is going to Ushuaia (Argentina).

In French

Urupica.de - Tagebuch eines Radreisenden

We encountered Kevin 15 km before Managua (Nicaragua). He left Mexico City and he is going back home, in Bolivia.

In German

Sylvie's Travel Journal

Sylvie has been travelling around the world for a while, an average of 6 months travels in many different countries.

In English

Into the Wild

Max contacted us after other cyclotourists gave him our website address

In English

L.A to Chile on 2 tandems

We encountered Ciska and Mickaël, and their 2 sons, Jesse and Sammy in Panajachel (Guatemala). They left Los Angeles and are going to Punta Arenas (Chile).

In English

Cyclos, love, peace, pinceaux et rock'n'roll in Asia

4 months in Asia by bike, by Anne, Sébastien's cousin and her fiancé, Chris.

In French

To Argentina, you nuts?

We encountered Stacie and John in Oaxaca (Oaxaca, Mexico). They started in Washington State (USA) and are going to Tierra del Fuego.

In English

Le grand roux (Hughes Lacroix)

We heard about Hughes in Tequila (Jalisco, Mexico). He left Quebec (Canada) to bike to Tierra del Fuego.

In French

Swen and Kat

We encountered Kat et Swen in Santiago Ixcuintla (Nayarit, Mexico). They started in Ensenada (Baja California, Mexico) and are going to Tierra del Fuego.

In English and German

Weltenbummler 2003: Weltreise mit Fahrrad und Kanu

Nadine and Martin left Germany in 2003 for biking all around the world

In english and German

Gone Biking

We encountered Anja in San Diego, to pass the mexican border together. She started in Alaska and she is biking south.

In English and German


We encountered Uli and Vera, two German teachers on a sabatical year. We crossed the Mexican border with them.

  • Username: ulivera
  • Password: july08

In German

Big Dummy Project

We encountered Jim and his dog Elke on the road between San Lui Obispo and Lompoc. They are biking in the USA to aware people about diabete.

In English

US West Coast Super Bike

US West Coast Super Bike

We encountered Adam and Kate, from Canada, in Monterey (California, USA). They started their trip at the Canadian border and are going to Tijuana (Mexico)

In English

Tomtomb's Weblog: Just another Wordpress.com weblog

We encountered Tomas (from germany) several times. He took a sabatic year. He started in Alaska and is biking to La Paz (Baja California)

In English

The Wayward Journey: a Family Cycles the roads less traveled from the Arctic to Patagonia

In English

Down the Road

We encountered Tim and Cindie in Monterey (California, USA). They decided to live their dream and left in March 2002 for a world tour ...

In English


Biking all around the world in 5 years ...

We encountered Sonya and Aaldrik in Sunset Bay (Oregon, USA).

In English


Be right back

By a cyclotourist we encountered between Pelly Crossing and Carmacks (Yukon territory, Canada)!

In German


Joanes, from Spain, left Anchorage beginning of June 2008 to bike to Ushuaia.

In Spanish

Put the fun under your legs

Rebecca left in 2007, alone, to bike from California to Florida.

She loves photography and has another site: Avoiding the turtles

In English

Aieuls ailleurs

Aïeuls d'Alleurs

Florine and Alexis left in June 2007 to go all around the world to meet elderly people.

In French and in English

Notre propre tour

Notre Propre Tour

A trip around the world as a child dream.

Bertrand, Guillaume, Arnaud and Thomas left Lons-Le-Saunier (France) in september 2007. They headed to Dongtan, north of Shanghai.

In French

La famille Boisseau (Boisseau family)

They left in april 2005 for 5 months and went from Santiago to Lima and crossed Bolivia and Peru by bike.

2 parents and 4 children, from 5 to 13 years old: Adrien, Aymeric, Titouan and Jaouen.

In French

By Backpack

The Big Ballad

Caroline and Maël around the world

In French

Les Daljons en voyage: Amérique du Sud

We encountered Juliette and Rémi in San Martin de Los Andes (Argentina). Backpackers for one year in South America.

In French

Davy en Rozemarijn

We encountered Davy and Rozemarijn in La Quiaca (Argentina). They go all around the world.

Fotos: http://picasaweb.google.be/davyroos

In Flamish

Sanne en Bonnie: Reisdagboek

We encountered Sanne and Bonnie when travelling in the Lipez (Bolivia). Backpackers, they are travelling in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

In Flamish

Mr and Mrs

We encountered Lynette and Steve in Cuzco (Peru). They are travelling in South America and in South East Asia.

In English

enfants autour du monde

Enfants autour du monde (Children around the world)

Perrine and Cyril, with their 2 children Amélie et Alix, will go around the world during 10 months to discover the different forms of alimentation for young children.

This family will take planes and backpack. They will leave France in september 2008 and will go through Asia, Oceania and South America.

In French

el viaje

El Viaje: 4 months in Bolivia

In French

By vehicle

Un Toulousain en Argentine

We encountered Arnaud in Villa O'Higgins (Chile). 6 months in 4-wheel-drive in South America.

In French

Une Etoile dans le Coeur

We encountered Sébastien, Gwen and their children in Cochrane (Chile). Traveling in a RV in South America

In French


We encountered Birte and Ingo in Peru and then in North Bolivia. They travel with a camper.

In German

Internships / Jobs overseas

Las Notas Del Sur: A Blog about Dave Kargol's year abroad in Chile

We encountere Dave during our week in Easter Island (Chile). He was teaching English for one year in Santiago.

In English

Bouquetinage en New Zealand

Bouquetinage en New Zeland

One year in New Zealand with a visa for work and vacation, by Damien

In French

Un stage en Inde

Internship in India

Emeline has been 3 months in India for an internship for her first year of ingeeniering school.

In French


Tobias Friedli: Wo bist du jetzt?

Hitchhiking all around the world...

In German


Mira in Costa Rica

Sara and Miguel hosted us in Quezaltenango (Guatemala). Before Guatemala, they were in Costa Rica.

In English


Blog of the French man living in Mexico

In French

The Scenic Route

The Scenic Route

We met Jack in Teslin (Yukon territory, Canada). He was biking to Prudhoe Bay (North of Alaska) with Florent from Switzerland.

In English

The Lazy Randonneur

We met Vik in Watson Lake (Yukon territory, Canada). He has just finished the Dempster highway from Dawson City to Inuvik!

In English

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