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The commitment

In our experience, making that first decision is the hardest part about taking a long trip. Once the decision is made, however, it is a big commitment, and not just financially. There is a lot of planning involved, including taking into account the seasons, choosing the right equipment, buying plane tickets, storing, lending, selling and giving away all your stuff, giving up your place and arranging for someone to take care of the official paperwork while you're away.

The trip of a life time

After a year on the road, we felt we were making the most of the trip. We had put so much effort into planning the trip, planning which has allowed us to take full advantage of everything and enjoy ourselves to the maximum. And even though we had already planned the return home, we realized that this is probably the biggest trip we will ever take in our lives and there wouldn't be another chance like it.

And since we are here already, on the other side of the world, we felt we should make the most of it and take a little more time to explore. We had a couple of ideas: bike around the whole of South America, go to New Zealand and Australia before going back to France, or else bike back to France from Asia, or maybe Senegal...

Keeping a promise

Yes, we – or rather Sébastien was committed to going back to his employer Réunica, and was supposed to start back at work February 1, 2010. He had no desire to renege on that commitment, and because of that we hesitated a little with our extended travel plans. Sébastien asked them for 4 extra months and they agreed.

A gradual reintegration

Like we said, a trip like this one takes a lot of preparation, and so we took our heads out of the clouds and went back to our guide books do to some serious planning.

With four extra months we will be able to take our time getting to Ushuaia, riding along the "Carretera Austral" (a mythic road for cyclists). It will also be later in the year, which means more chance of clement weather.

We'll also be able to spend three weeks in Buenos Aires, and meet with several microfinance institutions. We will also get to visit the city and the surrounding region.

At the end of March we will fly to Madrid, and then slowly make our way back to Paris... by bike! That way we can take our time readjusting to Europe, France, and the sedentary life.

It will be easier for us to come back to France than if we arrived at the Charles de Gaulle airport in in the gray days of January, with our bikes all packed up in boxes.

Instead, we will be able to visit everyone who supported us throughout our voyage: our family, our friends, our partner schools, and our financial sponsors in Paris. Along the way we will be able to give presentations to those organizations who ask.

We plan to arrive in Paris May 17, 2010, and we will be waiting for you!

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